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The Chattanooga Heart Institute at Memorial

1.5 million heart attacks occur in the US each year, leading to more than 500,000 deaths. 233,000 women die annually from cardiovascular disease—more than twice the number of women who die from all cancers combined. With proper diagnosis and treatment by a good cardiologist, these deaths are often preventable. At The Chattanooga Heart Institute at Memorial, you’ll have access to highly trained cardiologists and the latest technology.

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Good Health Means Finding a Good Cardiologist

With 22 board-certified cardiologists on staff—including specialists in interventional procedures, electrophysiology, imaging and vascular disease—The Chattanooga Heart Institute at Memorial offers a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to cardiac care. Certified through the American Board of Medical Specialties, our cardiologists exceed national standards for education, training and skill—putting The Chattanooga Heart Institute at Memorial on par with the nation’s top cardiovascular practices. When we diagnose and treat our patients, we have a team of physicians available to provide expertise in multiple specialties—giving you a complete picture of your cardiac health and recommendations on specific areas of treatment.

Why compromise on such an important decision? After all, your life depends on keeping your heart in good health. By choosing The Chattanooga Heart Institute at Memorial, you’re choosing among the leading cardiologists in the Southeast in an environment dedicated to optimizing care and improving positive patient outcomes. With locations in Chattanooga, Cleveland, Hixson and Ooltewah, The Chattanooga Heart Institute at Memorial offers access to the region’s leading cardiologists in locations that are convenient for you.

Choose a cardiologist like your life depends on it. Call 423-697-2308 now to find a cardiologist who will partner with you in caring for your heart.

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